Delaware Valley Demonology Research



We are a professional research group founded by the late Lou Gentile and currently run by Kevin Meares.  Based in Doylestown PA we investigate ghosts, poltergeists, violent haunting, paranormal, demonic, diabolical, and occult/cult activity in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware.  Our goal is to HELP people undergoing spiritual attack in all of its forms.  Please be aware as well while it is not our attention to belittle the beliefs of others we are Christian demonologists and information on this website is all from that perspective.

Do you have a haunting in your home?
Have you been told by other paranormal groups to just  " LIVE WITH IT " and you want the spirit(s) removed from your property? 
Is someone you know suffering from negative, demonic or diabolical spirit infestation?
Are you getting attacked by an unseen force?
Are you afraid to tell anyone about your haunting or spiritual problem for fear of being looked at as crazy?
Have you dealt with other paranormal groups and they just don't seem to know what's going on?
Do you want to know for sure if you have paranormal events going on in your home, business or historical location?

Many people claim to know about the Paranormal and demonology.  Kevin Meares was trained by the late nationally known demonologist and talk show host Lou Gentile.  He co-hosted “The Lou Gentile Show” for ten years and is the author of  Everything we do is in the name God and his blessed son Lord Jesus Christ.

Please be aware as well we seek to help people so there are something’s we will not do.  In particular we will not give out names of demonic and diabolical spirits, give out information on how to perform Satanic or black magic rituals or give directions to well known haunted locations like Dudleytown.  We seek to help people who need it not to give recognition to demonic spirits.